Siraman Ayu :)

4:46:00 PM

June, 1st 2013

In Sundanese culture (also found in javanese) a bride wanna be will be bathed by her parents and family before she get married. This is symbolized the last time she is taken care of her family, because after that, she will be handed to her husband.

Its my first time documenting Siraman ceremony, its for Ka Ayu anyway. Ah..It was so emotional. As a girl, i could imagine how she felt that day. Its indescribable. Sad, overwhelmed, fear, happy, everything mix in one. 

Anyway..take a shoot while emotionally mixed like that was a challenge too because somehow tears blur my vision. hehe :')

It is taken and edited by me. 
The official picture will be publish at Dua5 Photography


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