Animaku no Hibi 4

9:41:00 PM

May, 5th 2013

Another event from my college. Actually i'm not into Japanese thing but Atang likes it so...let say i'm a good company. haha

Animaku No Hibi 4 (2013)

Unlike any other previous year, this year the event took place at Bintaro Plaza parking lot. I dont know whats wrong with my college. But this is the second stan student big event that didn't allowed to be held in their own college.  Although it became more crowded when it happen in the mall, but it still weird.

To be honest, beside takoyaki my other reason to attend this event was cousin performed that day. hehe 

Gede and his band UBE played around three song that day. Since i never watched him before so its a surprise to saw him in a different package. He sing and well..he played awesomely ! Though i didn't know a song, i still watched it without blinking. lol :p

Gede my cousin :)


If im not mistken, they played Gazzete song and out of a sudden, they....slammed their head. And when i look around, some audience did that too !

What a show..haha
Anyway..i met Arfin, Dwiky and some other friend there. Glad that i still know some people here. :D
with Arfin and Dwiky
UBE :)

Oh, i finally met a girl who's close to my cousin. And she is pretty and nice. I wish that the good news will be heard very soon. hihi

new couple
I feel a bit full so i didn't buy takoyaki. Instead, i bought es serut which i dont know why...taste bitter. Oh time for some more picture !

Oh if only its Tony stark behind the mask :3
And what a lovely weekend. I'll see you soon. :)

Picture taken by Atang Darmawan

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