holiday is over.

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Like the title said, holiday is over for me.
Three weeks of having freedom to wake up  late, doing nothing a whole day, watching fox crime til I felt a sleep, eat freely, going to wherever fun, meeting people I miss, having dinner with my family every night, ah holiday…maybe a week from now, I’d really miss that moment.

So, now i want to write bout how my holiday goes. Hope its not too boring for u ! :)

For my first week, im going to some school for giving them any information needed about my collage. It was hard you know, because the school always scheduled us for morning class and i've been used to wake up late. Thats the problem.

And this holiday i finally go to beach !
what a nice place to go on holiday..hehe

pelabuhan ratu beach, sukabumi, jawa barat

and i've got some picture that i could post here, help me to tell the detail about this trip-to-beach..hehe
We arrived there about 11 am, after taking a rest, we're ready for BAKAR IKAN ! hihihi

taste sooooo good

Actually, we're planing to make it by our own. But we're too tired so in the end, we make someone cook the fresh fish we bought. It costed more, but it really tasted good.

this is 'rumah panggung', the cheapest one and the nearest to the beach house we could afford.
and finally, to go the beach ! wohoooooooo ~

its nice to feel the water on my feet.
and the sand too :*
i swear, it was taken by surprise. we didnt pose.

this is when the boys played football

i just love this picture,  i dont know why.
almost sunset
In the night, we got the second round of ikan bakar, it wasn't as good as the first one. And we played poker all night long, have the loser face powdered. Lucky me, my face still clean til we go to bed.. :p

And the next day, in the morning, we go to the beach again. We still could see the fisherman, the ship, but we miss the sunrise T_T

After that we go to cipanas hot spring. it takes a half hour from rumah panggung. 

the view of cipanas
on the way to the river
me, kak fauzi, and shinta
jembatan gantung

Actually the place accomodate a pool, even a room for us bathing. But since we arrived in the morning and no one else except us there, we're free to play around the river. There are a lot of rocks in the river, the hot water it self comes from the rock. Its feels weird when the water felt cold on ur body, but the rock splash us the hot water. Well, maybe thats what happen when we play around the main sources of hot spring, my theory.

look at the splash ! it so hot.
On my second week, my mother and my brother got sick. And unfortunately, my maid resign. So, i have to take care of my house, as the maid. so tired.. T_T

But it turn good in my last week, i went to my high school. Fell the food in the school-cafe again, talked to om Bia cant be missed. And i met Rengganis and Reggy, my best friend. We did karaoke, and ate "terigu asam manis". Actually we order gurame asam manis, but somehow, the flour is too much and we rarely felt the fish.

Triple R. Raisha, Rengganis and Reggy.

And this week, it was my mom's bithday !
Unfortunately, my dad is on his business, so its only me, my sister and my brother made a lil celebration for mom.

The next day i went for shopping day with my mom. Its nice to go to the traditional market, then to the department store and end up im McDonald. hahaha
Its really a rare moment. Only me and my mom, spenting time together. ah mom...its not because of things that u bought for me, but being with only u is the reason i miss that moment so much.. :'(

things we bought
my mom and McD. Its so cute. hihi

There a place in Cianjur, that serve a very good 'kikil'. I want to go there since...forever ! And finally in this holiday my father could take me there. :)

the restaurant
This holiday bring me a bad news, my brother, kak sendy lost his baby. be strong kak ! T-T
But in this holiday i finally could see my new nephew. so cute...

syafiiq raib akram
So, that how my holiday goes, how about yours people? :p

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai teman-teman yang kini sudah memutuskan memakai jilbab :)

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