(4) Ever Heard About Paresean?

12:25:00 PM

July, 3rd 2013

Before going back to hotel, we visited Senggigi Festival for like the lat time. And its quite crowded since Festival Paserehan was held that day. Such a lucky that for me ! Got a chance to saw a local culture slash local art slash local wow ! hahaha

So, Paresehan is a local culture from Lombok. Its not a dance of course..its two man who fight again each other using Rotan as a weapon and cow skin's as a shield. It has three round with 3 minutes each of it. This local culture wasn't meant for them to hate or fight each other. Its to teach them about being sportive and brave.   They said that...this paresehan didn't gave them anything as a reward except pride. 

During this paresehan, i womder if they felt pain or not since the Rotan swung so fast. They said....they felt nothing. Double WOW !

On this festival the spectator were allowed to participate. But since its only for boys, no way i tried it. But if it were you, would you dare to try? :p

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