(3) Tenun Anyone?

10:02:00 AM

July, 2nd 2013 

 Our Journey continued to a Tenun Place. The first thing i saw after i arrived was a lady making tenun. Took a lot of time and patience to finished one. Ah, they said, girls back then were not allowed to married before they could finished one tenun. Thank God im a nowdays girl ! Hahaha




Inside the store i found so many beautiful tenun. God, such an eyegasm ! The price started from Rp250.000,00 til millions. Hwaaaah i want it all !!!


In the end, i brought one pinky tenun that would be good for office wear. Mom brough a lot, as always. Anyway while me and Mom looking around fort tenun, my sisters and dad were being narcissistic. Look below hahahaha


Narcism is in our Gene i guess :p

So sorry that i forgot the name of the place or location. Thats what happen when woman shops, they forget things! hahaha

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