2013 vs 2014

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Hallo everyone.

Before babling around, i want you to know that my need-to-blog list is getting more and more everyday. Feels like i want to share all my life with you BUT... this recent event makes me reconsidered it. So i'll deleted some of it for the sake of my happiness.

So what's there to tell?
2013 was already over and i thank God that i did well. Some of my life planning fulfilled in 2013. Teaching, learning violin, going to Malang, competing in Mojang Jajaka are things i could mention here. 2013 also teach me something which i hope...i could never forget. I learn how to take care my own self, i learn how to trust my capability and to stand on what i believe.

I was hurt before.. and all i wanted was a savior or a warm blanket or a safety box. Im afraid to listen to my own heart. I live day by day by the thing people hope me to be. Its not a bad thing i know, but somehow....i feel thristy. Inside out. 

So in the end of this year i finally did what my heart wanted. Though in some point people will think of me as a mean or a crazy girl. Deep down i feel happy. I gain my bravery, im out from the box that haunt me, Im free. 

I know, using our heart means that there's a risk that we will get hurt. But i take it anyway. Im already came in point where i dont really mind it. My heart will die if dont used it. So i let it live... happy and sad, i let it feel.

So, i welcome you 2014. Really welcome you. Im so ready for a brand new start.

There's so many thing i wanna do in this year. And Hopefully, everything goes well. (Amin !)
These are my hopes for 2014 : i hope i could be and do better than the previous me. I hope i could fall in love and be loved by the same person. I hope i could mantain a relationship. I hope i could take care of my family and get in touch with my friends. I hope i'll work here at Sukabumi or somewhere near home. I hope i could learn more recipes. I hope i could loss weight and be healthier. And so much for a brand new Raisha, a girl who know what she want and work for it.

I dont know why but i feel so positive lately. Like all my problem doesn't really bother me. If...i could guess, perhaps thats what happen when you live of what you choose and becuase..i finally find my peace in salat. Even being 22 and single dont worries me. 

Last, i want to quote what John Lennon said..
"In the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give" perhaps not from the same person you give love. Maybe from someone else. Or maybe...from Him.

Choose things wisely and live it wholeheartly. 
Right now i choose to be happy and im going to live it all day !

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