(2) House of Sampoerna

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June, 14th 2013

Hallo, its been such a long no blogging time for me. hehe

Okay, now im going to tell you about Museum House of Sampoerna, the place we're visited after attending Anita's Ijab Kabul.

House of Sampoerna - Surabaya

The location of this place is at Taman Sampoerna 6 Surabaya 60163 Indonesia. I dont really write down any information when i was there, but lucky us, we could find what we need here. :)

Inside the museum we could find anything about this cigarette's brand and the history of it. From the equipment they used, the package, vehicle, daaaa almost anything !  Its complete, clean and capture-able. hehe

i love this picture :*
Okay, thats the picture taken that day. Oh, i must wrong to not mention it first. To enjoy this museum we dont need to pay anything. Free ! They just need to collect our id card which of course will be retured when we leave this museum.

Anyway, this museum has two floors. The first floor is what you see below and the second floor is non-capturable since the museum didn't allow us to use camera there. But i'll tell you. On the second floor we could find some souvenir stall where you can buy batik, keychain, clothes etc. What makes this floor special is..... from this floor we could see the factory behind the museum.

And it was...wow me.
Its a hand made cigarette factory so we could see...women rolling the cigarette in a very high speed. Cool. You should see it your self.

cool car is cool

Okay, thats my story. If you're in  Surabaya, this place could be one of tourism site you may want to visit. So i hope this post is useful. hehehe

See you on the next post !

Picture taken by me and Atang Darmawan

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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