what this mean to me.

7:00:00 PM

satu pertanyaan buat cha, 'buat apa nulis disini?'
i was confused.

i could write in diary, just like an old time, but..
yaaa..its easier for me to write here. and yes, this is my diary.
cha nulis, sekedar buat nulis. thats all.
bukan maksud menye, nyombong, atau apa.
i need to write.
so i write.

so why i make this visible to anyone if this is my diary?
well..what i write here, is what i want people know bout me. (yaaa, i know, i know, i just have a few-or even no reader this time).
im not expecting anything.
so if you read this-my so called diary, im so sorry if this is just a crap, have no point at all, and make u sick.

and then.
tomorrow will be the first day of my exam. wish me super luck people !

#sepertinya ini tulisan ada karena saya galau dengan akuntansi#


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  1. Good luck! I read your post. Sometimes you just gotta write. I understand.


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