(2) Senggigi Festival

10:49:00 AM

July, 1st 2013

So whats my agenda that day? Its helping my dad slash show off slash having fun. hahaha

The very reason why my father need to visited Lombok was this Senggigi Festival, Sukabumi as the representative from West Java participate in this festival by made our own stand and joined the parade. Since we were so kind, me along with my sister agree to be well...a mojang for that day parade. 

So this post will be all about photos. Hope you enjoy ! :*


this outfit used for farming back then

Started long from the schedule ! ~~

Then here we are, small group, less properties. At first we're so ashamed and thinking to just left. Its like i jump in the water with not knowing what inside it. But we've already travel all the way there, the outfit, make up..so i said to my sister to keep going. Even if we did so much shame, we didn't live here so no one will know us. Hahaha They buy it. :p

giving tanduk as souvenir

This is the first time i was so proud to be Sundanese and wear Sundanese traditional clothes. When we're far from we're we belong, our identity is what makes us different with other people. And sometime...being different is good. Like that time..people was so in love with what we're wearing. They keep asking us to took a picture with them, they compliment us..and i was...happy.

To know that i introduce my culture to them..people in lombok and also foreigner. To get to tell them about Sundanese and everything about it. God, its a new feeling for me and i like it so much.

funny visitor name i-forget
my cute brother

mom with lombok governor's wife

with the governor it self

Hwaaaah, such a perfect day ! A beautiful parade, a good people. Here is a thank you form sundanese girl for Lombok people, a very warm welcome i had. Thank you. :'))

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai keluarga yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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