Hang Out With the Girls

6:14:00 PM

April, 22th 2013

Actually its just an ordinary day at our courses day. I just randomly took my camera and capture them, such a cute lil creature ya? :')

the shining Salwa

The Tomboy Cyla

we're having a movie day

Sefty and the shy Dinda

Well, we also had some video but due to the slow internet connection, i might just save it for my self. Oh ya, four picture below was taken by them. Funny ti watch them taking turn to shoot. :*

Before going home, Sefty gave a chocolate again. Ah, a very sweet of her. Oh ya, i drove her home and we talked along the way. Grow up well lil girl :)

Another reason to say Alhamdulillah. Its my lucky to had a chance to be their teacher. They touch my life and i hope, i touch their too. :')

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