Hai Hai Hallo~~

2:59:00 PM

Such a long no-blogging time.

My notebook is broken (again), so its kind a hard for me to write in this blog of mine. Going to Internet cafe isn't an option because...i only had time to blog around night and since i live in the same roof with my parents, no way i could go out in that kind of time.

So this is what happen, my blog would in a so called of break until my notebook finished being repaired. So much to catch up. But for now, i could only say that i miss writing so much ! Huhu~

Hope to see you soon,

Raisha :)

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  1. semoga notebooknya cepat baik lagi, jadi kamu bisa menulis kembali...
    keep spirit of blogging yang mbak ^_^

  2. hwaaah, makasih ya mbak, amiiin amiiim :)


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