The Wedding of Sahabat Kecilku

12:14:00 PM

February, 1st 2013  

Barakallah, my best friend Iam married that day. I know her story with this lucky man, and i so happy for both of them to finally made this love official in marriage. 

Since i became a bridesmaid, i watched Iam's family get ready for Akad Nikah. I watched how my mother cried, i watched how the bride dressed up, i watched how her family in panick when its about the time they leave. I just...well, she is my best friend. I cant believe that i felt like crying watching this whole thing. 

Our Gift

Her Akad Nikah held in d'green restaurant. And the wedding ceremony will be at July. She didn't invited a lot that day. Just her close friend and family. Guess i was one of the lucky one, hehehe

The Penghulu came late, i felt so sorry for the groom. He looked so nervous as he waited for the penghulu to came. Sweaty so much ! Since iam wont coming out until the akad finished (she hid in somewhere we didn't know !), we had nothing to do except taking so many picture of us ! hehe

godeg angka delapan

At 4 pm the penghulu finally came, it turns out that he stucked in a traffic jam. And so the akad began. Its kind a new feeling, watching your bestfriend became someone's wife just....overwhelming. 

Lots and lots of prayer for the newly wed spoken that day. Iam and A yoga, i wish happiness always in your side, i wish both of you could stay in love, stay together no matter how hard life could be. And i wish you could have a baby extra soon. Sakinah Mawadah and Warahmah, Amiiin. 

Well, the prayer is fast fulfilled. Iam is pregnant right now ! hihihi
What can i say now except so happy for both of them. Be healthy ya yam...cant wait to see the baby ! :*

Some picture taken by Urri Khaira

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. Yes, now i have a baby extra sooonn!! Hahaa..
    Ahhh.. Senangnyaaa baca2 diary ka nchaa..
    Ada yg bkin senyum2 sndiri, ada yg bkin ngeclakan air mata..
    Missss u so much "sahabat kecilku" :*


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