Batik Sukabumi in Action

11:43:00 AM

December. 4th 2012

There's a fashion show held in Pendopo by Darma Wanita Kab. Sukabumi. The theme was Batik Sukabumi. This event was made to support local batik here in Sukabumi. What makes this event unique was...the model  and the designer was, lets say..mommy, not teenager or young adult. hahaha

before walk in runaway haha

So, every section had to present one dress and they competed in to be the first winner. Its my mother who made me watch this so called fashion show. She wanted to have some documentation so....i was the perfect free choice. Hahaha

Funny to watched them..unlike any other model who's i saw in other occassion or in Fashion TV, this mommy was free styling. Hahaha some of them looked like dancing in the stage :p

my mom :)

You know, Batik Sukabumi have some unique pattern like turtle, Pala, Daun Pisang, Lily's, tea leaf and Jajar. You can see some of the pattern here .

After the show finished we went to Bupati's room to took some more picture. My first time here, and its hugeeeeee~

Mang Atang on show haha

my parents with the model

I forgot the model name, and we didn't win. But it didn't mean that we couldn't have a good time right? haha
Anyway, i met a lot of my parent's friend which knew when i was a little. So glad to heard from them that i grow up well. :)


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