Our Wedding Picture

10:24:00 PM

October, 4th 2012

To fulfilled Titik and her mother's dream. So that day..in the early morning..we took a shoot in STAN fountain. Thanks to Atang, the very patient photographer for this beautiful picture. I actually have shared it on my facebook photos but..here we go again..

Geng Bibik

Those picture someday..will be at Titik's wedding. Well, in mine too, in the others too perhaps. Haha

It was sooo....mixed in emotion that day. Between having so much fun and ashamed because its weekday, our junior was around. hahaha



With the Photographer

Right after we finished taking picture we went to X-Trans Bintaro. Titik had a flight to her home that morning..but since we're too late, too long on taking picture i guess, Titik finally went on Taxi to the airport. 

Funny to see how our moment is took candid-ly by Atang.

After Titik left, we went to Mcd for breakfast. So...my question is..

Who's gonna show those picture first? On the wedding of course, Hahaha Lets see how life will surprise us. Right now...i just cant wait to know the answer ! hihihihi :*

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