Nasi Kucing Ceger

12:40:00 AM

I found this nasi kucing stall in an unplanned night out with Agung. It located in Ceger, near the gas station. Unlike warunge mase or Bang Jeck, this stall take place in closed shop's yard, like the one i found in Jogjakarta.

Nasi Kucing Ceger

A simple cart and two pieces of mat is all i could say about this place. But when we talk about the food and the price, i guess you'll like it ! hehe


They serve a complete pack as a nasi kucing stall. Mendoan, usus, telur puyuh, bakso, bandrek, wedang..well, almost everything i saw in jogja expext there's no kopi joss. The price, i might say is very cheap. Started from Rp 500,00 !

I really dont mind the place or even the mat. I just..hmmh..too bad the food served cold, i mean nothing like "fresh from the oven". It will be a lot more delicious if they could warm the food before they served it. Like they did in warunge mase. 

Ah, warunge mase T__T

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