1:39:00 AM

March 25th 2012

Parahyangan Coffee House, this new coffee shop is located near Post Office Sukabumi. The place is well organized and dominated in grey and blue. 

Parahyangan Coffee House - Sukabumi

I ordered apple tea and taste awful. I ordered spaghetti and taste too sour. And i ordered french fries and tasteless. Like everything is not right.

I dont know, some friend give a good recommendation about this place, but i didn't feel that way. Well, i didn't try their specialist, the coffee. Maybe i'll have a different opinion if i tasted it. If someday i visit this place again, i promise im gonna try it. And hope, Everything wont taste 'wrong' like today. 

Ammiiiinnn. :')

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  1. I like this statement => Everything wont taste 'wrong' like today :)
    Just blogwalking in here ^^v


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