Nasi Kucing SSC Sukabumi

1:17:00 AM

March 24th 2012

I found a new place in Sukabumi that sell Nasi Kucing. Its at SSC Building, near the city hall. Tonight, i decided to tried it.

Nasi Kucing SSC Sukabumi

The menu is like any Nasi Kucing seller would provide. Tahu, tempe, sate telur puyuh, ati ampela, etc. Its quite delicious. I even ate two portion of nasi kucing. hehe

They provide chairs and lesehan. Well, its a nice place to hang out with friends or to date. But unfortunately, when i write this..they dont sell Nasi Kucing anymore. I dont know why, they just gone. huu :(

Its not because of me eating too much, right? T_T

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