Birthday Birthday

9:40:00 PM

January 4th 2012.

She's Yusti, And she's having her birthday on December 15th. I know it is way too late, and the cupcakes way too small but i believe my wishes for her wont be late and bigger than that.

I know it's kinda late
But happy birthday

( Happy Birthday - Click Five )

Anyway i tried this healthy colorful noodle at Yogya Food Court Sukabumi. It has three color, purple (made from Ubi ), green (from spinach, if im not mistaken ) and orange (from carrot). I choose the purple one and somehow it looks like worms. Yuck. But its taste good. You may imagine i ate that without looking for the sake of my stomach. Throw up is no good at birthday celebration. haha

So my dream came true. Finally i hang out with her, and also her friend named Ajeng. Good day sunshine :)

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