Sister's wedding :)

8:48:00 PM

Desember 4th 2011

My sister, Diana Asti held her wedding in her house. And i'm honored to be "pager ayu". 
I didn't take much photos, cause of mu duties. But here are some :)

Before Akad Nikah

New Family United

Pager Ayu

My sisters

Me, Nindy and Sani

Me and sisters

Me and Syafiq

awww :*

cute isn't it?

I always love wedding. How couldn't i?
Love is all around. The moment when two family become one. Ah, how lovely.
Thinking when will i experience this..
and with whom..just makes my make up need a touch up.

Congratulation kak,
Hope you two will live happily ever after.
Wish me follow u soon :)

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