kisah mahasiswi rantau..

9:34:00 PM

ini rekor baru buat cha.
udah dua minggu ga pulaaaaaaaaang..padahal ini masih minggu-minggu awal, tp...
oh tingkat dua.....T__T

tugas saya bukan main banyaknya, belum lagi ditambah tumpukan materi yang harus dimengerti (dihapal), tekanan dari bapak dosen yang sangar, kerinduan akan rumah tercinta dan seisinya, keuangan yang menipis, list belanjaan yang tambah banyak, 
klo ga kuat iman, bisa meledak ini.
iya, MELEDAK !

oh well..
everything has their own does this.
i met new friend which is Alhamdulillah nice to me, we all fight together to past this grade. hope everything's good happen to us.

and yeah, my best pal here, Dea n Titi. They are great !
thats the best word to describe them. we still close, we hang out, talk, laugh. 
ahh...thank you so much for amazing friendship you two offer. 

my margasato, even when we're so far away. i still feel u. i miss u all so much.
our memories we've had ,wont get out my head and my heart. 

and for those who read this, 
find person who makes you comfort, and keep them.
u'll never know how bad life will be if you let them go. keep love. 
and happy loving everyone ! ^^

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