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tau EE ?
buat yang pernah liat 2012, pasti ngeh. EE = end of everything.

world know what happen in Indonesia.
Tsunami, Wedus gembel, banjir, gempa..Oh God.. :'(
please give us strength for this, and we beg for your help.
sedih..sedih bgt tiap liat berita. how they suffer..the situation...T__T

cha sendiri beneran jarang liat berita gara" kebanyakan diem dikamar, ngerjain tugas atau sekedar ngutak-ngatik intermediate. dan kemaren, bener-bener shock liat metro tv, oh my....... :(

like i said before,' world know what happen in Indonesia ' .. but do they know what happen to me?
no they dont, and neither do i.

i dream of so many blood, accident this past days.
my inside felt so worried, afraid. i cant help to think, is my time coming?

im thinking of my family, my friends, my so-called-enemy, my dearest person. what will happen to them?
i love you all, so much. im sorry and i thank you. for giving me all i need to become what im today. God be upon you...

it feels empty..
God..i beg u...T_____T

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